About us

We are a business located in the South of France in a very artistic place. We are selling the best quality hand made products hence why our stock is limited. Every product in our store is hand made. 

  • We are ArtDeco Studio of handmade and decor products
  • We sell these items because we are passionate with art. 
  • Located in the South of France, Mougins. 
  • We are in the business for around a year now. 
  • This is the opening of our store therefore do not hesitate to leave a review and look at the products. 
  • Our team is 3 people. We are a family business, a sales manager, website manager and the creator herself. 
  • You can contact us on squirrelarchit@gmail.com for any questions. 
  • Our social media: Facebook: ArtDeco-Studio
  • Instagram: squirrelblack